Transform your events from ordinary to extraordinary

Why use 3rd party platforms, when you can have your own events and networking functionality all on your own website!

The perfect solution for event organizers looking to deliver better event experiences for your attendees, while also creating long term engagement between events.

What can you do with indyRIOT

The right tools for you

Allowing you, your members, partners and sponsors to connect and share ideas, opportunities, and knowledge in a dynamic, thriving online community, that you own.

Why build it anywhere else, when you can launch it with indyRIOT!

Create spaces for members to share ideas and knowledge
Let members connect directly through one one one chat
Write blog posts that inspire and engage
Collect feedback with engaging polls and questions
Customize members' profiles with custom fields
Member insights, segmentation, and identification
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We contacted IndyRIOT at 10am, and at 2pm our community was up and running!

Kristine Moe Sirnes, Co-Founder, XXOX Opportunity Festival

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Level up your events!

Say goodbye to exchanging business cards or connecting on other platforms - indyRIOT allows participants to follow each other and create lasting connections that last beyond the event, right on your own platform, on your website!

indyRIOT's user-friendly interface ensures that attendees can easily navigate the app and make the most out of their event experience. The app can be fully customized to fit the unique needs of your event, we've got you covered.

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Privacy & Data ownership

Its your Community & Data - own it!

Data privacy and user controls are central to our core product values. With enhanced identity management, data residency and SSO options, you really can own your community and data!

Privacy and user control as standard
Enhanced identity and SSO options
Data residency available

Hear from our customers

We've helped communities from all over grow their business, strengthen brand loyalty, and extend their reach by building personalised networking spaces. See the results for yourself.

"We contacted IndyRIOT at 10am, and at 2pm our community was up and running!"

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"I truly believe this platform will be an asset and benefit to the students at Noroff and I'm envious that I didn't have this opportunity when I was a student at Noroff myself!"

Picture of project manager at Noroff

Niklas Frogner


"We help tennis players upgrade their skills, play more often, and win more matches. indyRIOT allowed us to quickly build out a community where users can share learning experiences and tips that keep them coming back to use the app."

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Trond Kittelsen


"Using indyRIOT, we have the best from LinkedIn combined with a more Tinder approach to match resources big and small."

Picture of founder of TOOL

Birgit Liodden


"We love the new approach indyRIOT has taken to the community space! Bringing people together to have the conversations they need to have to build really cool stuff in the future.."

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Patricia Alfheim


Interested in learning more?

We'd love to talk more about how indyRIOT can help you achieve your goals by building an engaged, active community.

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Unlock the power of social media & networking on your own domain.

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