Your own social network, built on meaningful connections

indyRIOT provides you with all the tools and features you need to build, manage, and interact with your users. It's your personalised space to make your own.

White label branding

Unlike the alternatives, our platform is entirely customizable, with tailored landing pages, terms and conditions, branding, colors, and much more to make your community your own.

Data ownership

Don't feed your data to big tech, use a platform that makes data export, privacy, and portability easy. User and customer control of data are central to our core product values. Data residency is also available as an add-on.

Monetize your members

Turn your members into active supporters through various methods including paid access to spaces, one-time donations to support your community, and much more.

Headless platform

We offer a completely headless community platform option, where you integrate our services into your own sites/apps for the ultimate white label community.

Custom landing page

If you don't already have your own home page, we'll build a custom landing page for your community as an add-on service.

Platform integrations

Easily integrate with other platforms, access and update data through our API, and embed your own custom JavaScript on every page within your community.

Custom growth metrics

See how your community is growing with detailed reports on member activity, active users, retention, acquisition, interactions, and more.

New user onboarding

Welcome new members to your community with guided profile setup including custom fields, suggestions for spaces to follow, marketing consent tracking, and more.

Promote events

Add information about upcoming community events to your spaces, raising awareness of activities your members may like to participate in, and allow them to highlight that they are attending.

Share opportunities

Whether these are job postings, volunteering opportunities, committee memberships, or anything else, you can post opportunities that your members can apply for directly in your community's spaces.

Member-to-member chat

Optionally, allow your members to chat directly with each other on the platform to help foster direct member-to-member communication and engagement.

Easy sign in

We have a simple magic-link based login that makes it easy as possible for your members. Additionally, you can choose to enable sign in with LinkedIn for your community or any other SSO options.

Organize your spaces

Structure and influence how your members interact with features like pinned spaces and groups that help guide your members to the places where they are most likely to find interesting content.

Host shared profiles

You can create shared profiles within your community which you can give access to some of your members to post as, allowing for things like business accounts to participate.

Detailed permissions

Control who has access to post and read in which spaces, ensuring that your users are able to see exactly what they are meant to see (and no more).

Helpful notifications

Drive community engagement with in-app and email notifications. Admins also receive updates about the community at large, and all users can control their notification preferences.

Hear from our customers

We've helped communities from all over grow their business, strengthen brand loyalty, and extend their reach by building personalised networking spaces. See the results for yourself.

"We contacted IndyRIOT at 10am, and at 2pm our community was up and running!"

Picture of brand strategist for XXOX



"I truly believe this platform will be an asset and benefit to the students at Noroff and I'm envious that I didn't have this opportunity when I was a student at Noroff myself!"

Picture of project manager at Noroff

Niklas Frogner


"We help tennis players upgrade their skills, play more often, and win more matches. indyRIOT allowed us to quickly build out a community where users can share learning experiences and tips that keep them coming back to use the app."

Picture of Founder/CEO of SevenSix

Trond Kittelsen


"Using indyRIOT, we have the best from LinkedIn combined with a more Tinder approach to match resources big and small."

Picture of founder of TOOL

Birgit Liodden


"We love the new approach indyRIOT has taken to the community space! Bringing people together to have the conversations they need to have to build really cool stuff in the future.."

Picture of communication specialist at IndyKite

Patricia Alfheim


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